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Skokieis a community-based travel baseball program that partners closely with local park districts and others. In conjunction with those partners, Skokiehas developed guidelines relating to COVID-19 that all visiting teams and spectators are expected to follow.  Failure to do so could result in suspension or cancellation of baseball activities.

State Guidelines: Skokieadheres to the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economy Opportunity’s Phase 4: Revitalization, Youth and Recreational Sports Guidelines available HERE (the “State Guidelines”). Skokieexpects all visiting teams to be familiar with and adhere to the State Guidelines.

Health Screening: Visiting teams must screen coaches and players prior to the game to ensure that none have COVID-19 symptoms or have been in close contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the previous 14 days. Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms or having such close contact cannot attend the game.

COVID-19 Reporting: If any visiting team player, coach, or person in the same household of a player or coach tests positive for COVID-19 within 14 days after a game, notify the relevant Skokie head coach and your local health department.

Social Distancing/Face Coverings/Hand Sanitizer:

  • Social Distancing: Players must maintain 6ft of physical distance whenever possible during non-competitive activities (e.g., practices, drills, lessons, before and after the game, between innings, and on the bench during games). If social distancing cannot be maintained during game play, participants should still maintain 6ft. of distancing while on the sidelines/not directly involved in the game.
  • Face Coverings For Players: Face coverings are not required for players during noncompetitive activities so long as 6 ft distancing can be maintained or during game activities, but all players must have a face-covering available to them at all times in case they become necessary.
  • Face Coverings For Coaches: Coaches are recommended to wear coverings during games. Coaches must wear face coverings when they are within 6 feet of any other player or coach.
  • Pre-Game Meeting and On-Field Discussions: Limit all pre-game and other meetings with umpires, coaches, and scorekeepers to one person per team, maintain 6ft distancing, and avoid unnecessarily touching or sharing items.
  • Players and coaches should sanitize their hands between any inning where they touched a baseball.
  • Dugouts:
  • Bleachers are an extension of the dugouts and completely off-limits to spectators. They will be used by players as part of the dugout to maintain 6ft distancing.
  • No more than 3 people (including coaches) are allowed in the dugout at a time and all 3 people in the dugout must maintain 6 ft distancing. Players not in the dugout should spread out in the bleachers.
  • If the 6ft distancing in the dugouts cannot be maintained for any reason, players and coaches must wear face coverings.
  • Parents are not permitted in or within 6 ft of the dugout area and the players should not leave the dugout area during games, unless it is a true emergency.
  • Allow previous teams to exit the dugout area before entering to avoid
  • Teams must clean their trash from the dugout area after games.
  • No handshakes or high-fives after the games. We will have each team line- up along the base paths (6ft apart) to acknowledge/congratulate the other team.
  • Equipment, Water, and Snacks: Avoid sharing equipment where possible. No team water jugs and no sharing snacks, food, or anything else. Sunflowers seeds are not permitted.
  • Spectators: There must be 6 ft of distance between spectators that are not from same household, unless they are wearing face coverings. Spectators must spread out down the foul lines and/or around the outfield. Spectators in the outfield must sit at least 30 feet from the outfielder, and not interfere with any ball in the field of play.
  • Umpires: The umpire calling balls and strikes will be required to wear a mask if calling the game from behind the plate. If calling the game from the behind the pitcher, the umpire will not be required to wear a mask but will be positioned at least 6 ft behind the pitcher.

Any questions regarding these guidelines please reach out to Pancho Espinoza (