PreK through K

The PreK through K level consists of kids currently enrolled in Kindergarten or younger. This level is for an introduction to baseball.  We offer Spring and Summer Leagues for PreK-K players.

PreK K Rules

Players hit from a tee until ready for coach pitch.  All players will bat each inning; all players will stay on base even if out, and the last batter in the order runs all bases.  There is a focus on the fundamentals of the game, including learning the ready position, as well as learning good sportsmanship.

Summer Pickup League

In July, we offer a Pickup League for PreK through 2nd level players.  This is an informal, low commitment league that offers a chance for kids to continue playing and developing skills and friendships, without as much structure as our spring league. We provide a time and a field for players to show up, and equipment, then divide those in attendance into teams to play that day.  We may also offer one or more skills training sessions.  Come when you can; no worries if you can’t.  This program has been successful and has grown due to parent involvement–volunteers shape and run the league.

Please note that at all levels of baseball we are enforcing bat safety rules, and at this level we introduce these rules to players:
  • Only the at-bat and on-deck (up next) hitters will be permitted to hold and swing a bat.
  • On-deck hitters will only take swings in the foul area of the field, away from players on the bench, or in fenced-off on-deck areas.
  • The at-bat and on-deck hitters must wear a helmet.

Please help us enforce these important safety rules by instructing your child as needed.