Skokie baseball and softball families:

Today, we are officially announcing that our board of directors has decided to remove the name from our Skokie baseball and softball teams.

This change will take some time, however, there are some short term changes  which will be implemented within the next couple of months.  Specifically…

– Beginning immediately for 2021 seasons the team uniforms will not contain the word.  Instead of “Skokie” its will simply say “Skokie Baseball” or “Skokie Softball”
– Also, the uniforms will not contain any native American headdress or symbols.
– We are in the process of informing house and travel leagues to not refer to for our teams… instead we will be “Skokie”
– We will create a new “Skokie Baseball and softball” facebook group and work to retire the current “Skokie” facebook group
– Created new email:

Thank you, Skokie community for your continued support of our team, players, board of directors, and anyone else involved in Skokie baseball and softball.