Happy New Year!


WHAT: SkokieTown Hall Meeting

WHEN: Thursday, January 14, 2016 at 7p

WHERE: TBD (most likely at Weber Center…updated will be sent prior to meeting)

We would like to get the SkokieFamilies and Community TOGETHER before the 2016 Spring season begins to gather information, comments, suggestions and input.

We are also looking to fill some volunteering roles to help sustain and grow SkokieLittle League Baseball and Softball. This is a VOLUNTEER league and we could certainly use YOU! Your help, comments, suggestions, concerns, talents and experience are ALWAYS needed and welcomed in order for OUR league to grow and improve.

If you are interested in attending the meeting and/or filling one of these positions, please contact Rich Batista at

Step up to the plate we-need-your-help

  • Board of Directors
    • Secretary
    • Voting Board Members
  • Scheduler – work closely with Skokie Park District, NSYBA and Umpire organization
  • Marketing
    • Web site
    • Social Media
    • Print Media
  • Fundraising / Sponsorships
  • Grant writing (new equipment, field improvements, etc.)
  • Commissioners for each division
    • Shetland (Rookie/T-Ball/Coach Pitch)
    • Pinto
    • Mustang
    • Bronco
    • NSYBA Community Representative
      • Pony
      • Colt
      • Palomino
    • Softball
      • 1/2
      • 3/4
      • 5/6
      • 7/8
    • Coordinators for League Events / additional programs
      • Registrations (various community/regional schools)
      • Uniforms
      • Equipment
      • Opening Day Ceremonies
      • Picture Day
      • League Picnic
      • 4th of July Parade
      • Travel Program / LSFBL Community Representative
      • Summer Ball
      • Fall Ball
      • Winter Workouts / Conditioning
      • Camps
        • Spring Break
        • Summer Break
        • Winter Break
      • Alumni Club
      • Other non-baseball events for families, players, alum
      • Evaluations
        • Spring – House
        • Fall – Travel for following year